Guys vs. Gals

The Minstrels 'Sophisticated Silliness'

The Minstrels ‘Sophisticated Silliness’ advert

So I recently found myself in a conversation with my boyfriend about things in society that men and women can and cannot to, and what is ‘wrong’ according to society’s norms and accepted conventions.

The topic in question was regarding strip clubs, or a strip show. For example, it seems accepted in society for women to go to a strip show with a few friends, and it’s all “Ooh, it’ll be fun. We’ll have a laugh”- and maybe even some Minstrels? Watching grown men dressed up as various emergency service employees in a rather minimal uniform.

That usually seems acceptable in most conservative people’s minds, but let’s swap it round. We see a group of men, watching scantily clad women twist and entangle themselves around a steel pole, and a lot of people think this as leery or ‘sexualising’ women.

Why is that OK? Similarly, there’s been a lot of discussion and talk, diving genders, about the promiscuity and number of sexual partners people have.

In the past, ‘lads’ have been cheered on, high-fived and ‘whooped’ at for their so called conquests. Yet, if a girl returned on her walk of shame (or stride of pride as some say), then it’s often considered slutty?

These gender-dependent expectations often come into play, creating disagreement, and often heated discussion.

I totally understand these disagreements, and I think it’s a case of sticking up for your own gender; even if I wouldn’t be too keen to go to a strip show with my friends.

Maybe one day things will change.. But I think we should accept that women and men are different, and things must just stay just the way they are.


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