We’ve got talent

Everyone has a talent

Everyone has a talent

Everyone is good at something. Believe it or not; even if you think you have no interesting or worthwhile talent; you probably do.

My boyfriend said to me today: “Do you actually enjoy writing? Like, you sit down at work [as a journalist] and think ‘Oh, I’m excited to write today!’?” And my reply was a YES. A huge whopping yes.

As an aspiring fashion journalist and general writer of many sorts, I am in love with writing. I don’t think it’s lame, or sad, or anything else. Dancers like to dance; singers like to sing; artists like to draw and I like to write.

One of the things that I love about writing is the thought and imagination it takes to write successfully. For example, working at a newspaper, I have been sent many many press releases, with copious jargonistic words interlinked with the details I need. And often I need to get a 1000 word release into a 250 word shape for an article. I need about 80% of the details and a majority of the same words. But I need to change it so it looks like a new piece of writing. It’s a lot harder than you think.

It’s  a given that children who’ve gone through schooling and education that they can write. Most people can write, to a certain degree anyway. But, it’s not as easy to be a successful writer as people always think. And that makes me feel good, that I have created something from a talent available to everyone, but not always possible… Do you see what I mean?

And that makes me think- that must be my talent; the thing that I’m good at. Now, I’ve never really considered myself as talented in anything in my life. I started numerous hobbies as a child- swimming, gymnastics, horse-riding, fencing and others. But I never stuck at them. And now I’ve reached a point in my life, at the ripe old age of…20, and I feel like I haven’t really worked at something to make me a young Olympian, or a fantastic young actor.

But it’s opened my eyes as to the idea of ‘being good at something’. Everyone has to be good at something. Whether it’s just something small, that nobody really knows, or something really obscure that you use as a party trick. Even if you don’t think you do, I’m sure you do. Maybe it’s just a natural talent you’ve not discovered yet.

Take Britain’s Got Talents for example. A majority of the people who take to the stage, do have a genuine skill that they publicly demonstrate to the nation. And even if they’re super random, it’s still taken time , effort and presumably lots of practice to get to that.


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