Winter wonderland

A winter wonderland...

A winter wonderland…

The grey-white matte sky looms overhead, whilst the select few dog walkers, commuters and runners peer around their front doors at the gloomy outside. The ground was dusted with a sparkling layer of frost, as though someone had dropped Christmas glitter along every crystallised path.

The crumpled leaves stuck in the gutters were made crispy and their veins coated in white frosting. The white-washed landscape was a shade of pale, reminiscent of Christmas fields. The crisp packets and black sacks, abandoned to the chilly dark streets had been frozen in their motions; in time.

The still atmosphere bore no breeze, and the fog clouded as far as the eye can see in every direction. Pedestrians appeared out of the smoke-like fog as though stepping onto the Stars in their Eye’s stage; “Tonight Matthew..”

The gentle ‘pad, pad’ of the frosty granules compacting underfoot left for uneasy walking, and the chill in the air penetrated stings the face bitterly. Long heavy breaths make billowing clouds in the air in front of people’s faces.

The cold iron gates stick to the hands of postmen as they push through, the frost latching onto their equally cold skin. Finger marks become visible in the rapidly melting layer of ice, dripping slowly onto the pale cement below.

Puddles are all glazed over, like glacier mints spread thin, glinting in the barely peeping sunlight, struggling  through the thick overcast clouds.

The hedges look spray painted with fake snow, their outermost spines dappled white, whilst the spider’s webs lay coated in droplets of moisture, making the think spines sag under their frozen weight.

It’s a winter wonderland at 6.30 in the morning; views reserved especially for the early risers of the day.


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