Turning off the stereotype



Since I spend most of my time commuting from A to B on barely average Stagecoach buses, I have many chances to see lots of different people and things, and there’s been a few occasions when people have gone against their stereotype.

So, picture this- I’ve sat down in a seat, headphones plugged into my ears, trying to block out the inane buzz of the bus, and a chavvy teenager gets on the bus. I hear him coming, through my own music, although he seems to be going without any musical headgear.

Yes, he’s playing his music out loud for us to hear. Lovely. Oh yes, I’m sure that all the aged 70+ pensioners on the bus love a bit of Skepta.

And yes, he’s wearing a full tracksuit, complete with the wafting scent of a recently stubbed out cigarette. I don’t mean to cast a stereotypical view, but he is one of the lasting chavs still around in town, and I did half expect him to sell me some drugs or start a conversation about some underground grime.

But, all of a sudden, all my prior expectations of this boy was all proved wrong. Not only did he ASK if he could sit next to me, but he apologised for getting slightly too close to my leg with his.

I was shocked, and as he turned his music down to an acceptable level, he also got a phone call, to which he answered with no such words as ‘Bruv’ or ‘Safe’ but ‘Oh hey, you alright? Yeah mate, I’m good thank you.’

Needless to say, I ate my metaphorical words, and left the bus feeling rather humbled and corrected in my unfair judgement of this boy.

So, chavvy boy on the bus, if you’re reading, I apologise for assuming you were an unruly and disrespectful stereotypical chav.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re going through your day to day business, and see someone who drops right into a comfortable little stereotyped hole, then have another think. They all have lives, preferences and personalities. Everyone deserves a chance…


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