This year I will…

Are you making any?

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

The trusty New Year’s Resolutions.

Most people make them, and most of them, break them. It’s the most widely-recognised ‘new start’, which occurs on an annual basis. The phrase ‘I’ll start on Monday’, whether referring to the diet, the gym or even saving money, takes it’s ultimate form in the first day of January.
Can they really change your life, and set you up for the years to come with a new and inspiring outlook on life? Unlikely, isn’t it.

It’s a clean slate and a fresh start; a time to set goals and resolute to be that better person. But, as they fail with the upkeep of these aims, it makes me think. Why do we even bother?
Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Are these goals potentially a let down and an unlikely place to aim to be? Probably.

I mean, if they were so ‘reachable’, why would you wait until December until you crack on and become that better person. Why should we let a month dictate how fantastic we are as people. If you want to change, I believe we should do it for the right reasons i.e. to be a better person, NOT because the New Year is the only time you can change.

Yes, yes, it’s probably one of the best ‘clean slates’, but if you’re determined enough to make a change, make it now. Don’t wait for the New Year. Don’t even wait for Monday. Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

I don’t want to start positive on January 1 and within two weeks, feel like I’ve let myself down, hate my body and my life because I’m a failure.
A New Year’s resolution is a commitment to a personal goal, or aim that I feel I want to achieve. But let’s be honest. Nobody likes to disappoint, or even be disappointed themselves. And failing to keep up your self-improvement pledges will have you feeling both. Do you really want to impose that on yourself?

So, I am generalising here. Not everyone will fail to become a better version of them, but realistically… a lot of us will.

Personally, I do want to start a fresh, so I’m trying now. I want to lose weight, and I want to be a generally better person. I think everyone hopes to improve a little at some point in their lives, and that includes me, so I’m taking a stand.

I am rebelling against the New Year’s Resolution. Watch me improve from today. I don’t need January 1. I DON’T NEED YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. I’m taking a stand!

Have a think about your resolutions this New Year. Are they realistic and achievable? Why do you want to achieve these goals? Don’t be a New Years Reso-loser. If you want it that much, make the change now.


Here’s a really interesting interview with Agony aunt Irma Kurtz and philosopher Jules Evans, from The Guardian. Have a read…


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