If I was a rich girl

Easy to please?

Easy to please?

My blog topic today came about whilst standing at the bus stop (as a lot of my posts do…). Rich kids. Private school children, whose parents pay outstanding sums of money for a top notch education. This post is about three young private school boys, and the conversation I overheard them having.

DISCLAIMER: This is not casting judgement on every privately educated child whatsoever. Just how these three boys may fit into a certain stereotype.

So these three boys, no older than.. twelve I’d say, are dropped off in two Range Rovers, before making their way over to the bus shelter I was standing by. I couldn’t really care less about their chatting, as when I’ve heard before, it’s usually been about ‘Pinch, punch, first of the month’, ‘yellow car, you get a punch’ or something similarly violent. But this time, they were talking about something a bit more interesting. Christmas presents.

Now, all kids love Christmas presents. It’s, I would guess, probably their favourite part of the whole holiday season. But these boys were boasting about the presents themselves- they were boasting about the price of their gifts.

“Well my Mum and Grandparents went half on it, £70 each!”

“Is that it? I got a punchbag, and that was probably at least £500. Oh, and my iPod touch- thats about £270. Your Mum must have spent more on you than that!”

And it really got me thinking about how the meaning of money is so lost on children. They don’t know how much work it takes to earn that money to buy them all those expensive things. Being a uni student has taught me a harsh lesson on finances, and having a job has taught me not to waste my money, and the principles of saving for a rainy day (although I’m still working on it!).

I would hope that my brothers and sisters, and eventually my own kids, never behave like they MUST have material and expensive things in their lives. Money can make you temporarily happy, but it can’t buy you friends and family. Not real ones anyway…

I do not doubt that most children boast about the amount they had spent on them, but it made me think how spoilt some children, and people, can be.

Recently (little plug here!) I’ve been raising money for a charity like looks after my baby brother and other children with cancer (Here’s the link if you want to make this your good deed of the day 😉 – http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=givebeasomemoney) And I have been totally astonished at people’s generosity and kindness with regards to money. It’s a warm feeling that people will share what they have for a good cause.

Money can be fun, exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be greedy, spoilt and selfish.

I’m no material girl… Or am I. Perhaps time for a rethink.


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