Girls have the banter- what a joke?

Vanity Fair, April 2008 cover

Vanity Fair, April 2008 cover

Comedy is a big deal; it’s all around.

Whether it’s on TV, radio, a show or a book, these giggle-inducing comics are all over, and we laugh every day. It may not be at a stand-up; it may just be at the office joker, but either way, laughing is often part of a person’s everyday life.

But with so many jokers ready and raring to make us laugh, it begs a question in my eyes- are women as funny as men? I sure know more male comedians than I do female ones, but does that mean men are funnier?

I recently went to see a comedy clowning theatre production called Cooped by Spymonkey theatre group (definitely watch it- it’s AMAZING!). They were hilarious, and the cast was made up of only three men and one woman. As we left the theatre, discussing why we loved it so much, Ashley asked me if I think women are funnier than men.

He doesn’t think they are, and that men are still at the metaphorical top of the comedian castle, which is fair enough- that’s his opinion. We spoke about how I feel women have to try harder in a predominantly male industry, and this can sometimes come off as trying to hard, ergo no longer funny.

But is that the case? I, as a female, love to see a comedienne stand up and make an audience laugh- I suppose that’s a little bit of “Yer, girl power” on my part. I don’t think I’ve met a female stand-up who hasn’t made me laugh. Even travelling to the states and going to a typical American comedy night, in an awesome little club with a bum (or even two or three) on every seat, I saw a young girl- only about seventeen, stand up and say her piece.

She was shaking like a leaf, admitting her parents didn’t know she was there, with her notes written on a napkin in one hand, and an encouraging pick me up can of Red Bull in the other. She was actually very blunt; dry in wit and straight to the point. But I loved it, and she opened my eyes as to the actual talent of being a comedian. It takes more than just telling a few jokes. You need huge balls.

Most women will agree that men being funny, and possessing the ability to make her laugh, is an extremely attractive trait. And so part of me thinks that being funny is a competitive thing- something men must do competitively to attract a lady. So, do men just think that being funny should be reserved for the lads only?

I read somewhere that women didn’t used to have to be funny, because they were already liked- they didn’t need to try.

It’s also a common attitude I’ve come across, for men to agree that women ‘don’t get banter’ and it’s trying too hard to be a lad to ‘get’ their jokes? Psh, I don’t know about that. I think I’m pretty jokes when I wanna be… or if I’m drunk.

But either way, I think this will be one those everlasting social gender conversations, that can never be solved, because it’s so subjective. If you’re a woman and you’re funny, or a man who really isn’t… it is what it is. A survey or opinion cannot make someone funny. There will be millions of people out there, both men and women, who are hilarious, but they’re not a stand-up comic or actors. And that’s just how it goes.

Is it less attractive for a man if his wife is hilarious, and probably funnier than him? Perhaps.
Is is an issue if a women’s husband is funnier than her, or is it just expected that he will be funnier coz he’s a guy.

I don’t really know, I was just probing the subject.
If a joke makes me laugh, doesn’t matter who it comes from.


2 thoughts on “Girls have the banter- what a joke?

  1. Women have terrible banter.
    Women comedians are awful. But maybe because I don’t find period jokes funny.
    So I guess it’s just relevant to the audience.

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