You got 99 problems? Try having this one

Really? That's all you have to worry about?

Really? That’s all you have to worry about?

Everybody has their own problems, and each to their own. Some people might think a major problem is missing the bus. Or breaking a nail and not being able to get to the salon until next week. Or perhaps even not having an outfit to wear on Saturday night.

And, granted, I hate not having anything to wear when I’m going out. But things in my life have made me realise that my problems… aren’t in actual fact problems. They are just issues, that I need to deal with and get over.

I’ll tell you a problem; a real one. My baby brother has a brain tumour, and is having it operated on tomorrow. A 12 hour operation, with the chance of temporary paralysis. Brain surgery on cancerous cells.

He’s just three years old. He didn’t do anything to deserve that! But there’s nothing he can do about it… And it’s now down to the doctors to do their best.

And recently, I’ve been seriously thinking about life (are you telling me to get a grip? Haha, it’s deep, but it’s true). I’ve been thinking about how important it is to let little things go, because when it comes down to the nitty gritty- is that broken nail going to kill you. Does it mean life or death if you don’t have a new dress to wear on Saturday?

So, to the people with problems that at first seem important .. I implore you to think again. Are they really that important? Could your time worrying be better spent improving yourself, spending time with your friends and family, not waiting for the next awful (but not really) incident.

They say trauma opens your eyes, and being touched by cancer through George has really got mine wiiiide open. Some things make me mad, and sometimes it feels the end of the world.

But then I realise that I’m healthy and I’m not dying from starvation. I have a home and a family and friends. Some people don’t have that luxury, and I’m talking all around us, not just in developing countries.

Take a think. Be less selfish and consider if that problem…really is that much of a problem.

AND, if you wanna be extra amazing, please donate to my collection. I’m doing a 10k run for CLIC Sargent, the charity that’s been looking after my baby brother. The money will help the nurses who work with them continue their amazing work!

My brave Mini Chadda

My brave Mini Chadda




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