Has the internet killed romance?

Is romance dead? What a question. I like to think I’m a bit of an old romantic. I like the idea of a few dates, texting and talking loads with a few cringey sweet messages. Not too far as to be overly Notebook-esque, but yeah, I like that.

But what I am very sure on is the action of bumping into someone, meeting a person through a friend or at a party, or even at work. The physical idea of meeting somebody new, through circumstance of coincidence, chance and, dare I say it, fate?

Where has the feeling of seeing someone on the bus and striving to catch their eye and hopefully their number, or making eyes at somebody at work, but making sure nobody sees? All the

The one rather topical subject that kind of forgets all of that is online dating. I mean, there’s so many different sites, for so many different niche groups of people, all looking for different things in romance. But something about it just doesn’t seem… natural.

Now, I must stress, this is just my opinion, and I know people who have gone on to lead long and happy relationships from meeting online, so this is totally subjective. But part of me thinks it’s putting yourself out there a little too much. It’s forcing action (not in a naughty way! Well…) and subtly demanding attention.

I think it’s a bit of an offering, where people can find out loads about you, and let you know if you’ve made their ‘final cut’ so to say.

But then again, although it’s not dating, people can check you out on Facebook, without you even knowing/allowing it/putting yourself out there in the hope people will notice you.

Psh, I dunno. There’s so many sites- some near blatantly just offering ‘no strings’ romance, and some offering perfect ‘matches’ (which I don’t think is always right- it’s nice to have some diversity in a relationship) and some even more unorthodox ones for environmentally aware singles, Christian singles, single parents or even for veggies!

Maybe I’m just a bit traditional, or just unaware of what it’s like to be on a dating site. I know people can meet and be just as happy as I am, so I don’t mean to comment. After all, this is just my opinion.

But either way, there’s enough adverts, so I thought I’d give it a mention. Plus, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day…


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