Starstruck, fame-obsessed and suckers for Hollywood culture

We have an infatuation for famous. It’s gone global. It seems that, with the rise of fame generated through social media sites and TV, we all have this non-specific person, this idol, plonked on a pedestal, simply because they could be bothered to do something to get themselves out there.

For example, Justin Bieber. I am not a fan, at all. But his fame started on YouTube, where he’d sing for his followers, which is similar to Jenna Marbles, only she’s created a continuous line of hilarious videos, commenting on everyday life and really relating to watchers. What do they have in common apart from their YouTubing?

Effort. Drive. Being bothered. They could be the most uninteresting, boring and untalented people, but if they worked hard enough to spread their videos, getting them viral, then they’ve accomplished something, I suppose.

But what it really boils down to, is the single fact that people forget. We’re all human. It sounds silly- hear me out. So Beyonce is an idol of mine, I often wish I was her and had her voice. But what people, myself included sometimes, is that all these famous people we idolise (often waaaay too much) are just people.

They go to bed like us, brush their teeth like us, have pet hates like us, and even  bad moods like us. They are people, like you and me, who have taken advantage of a skill. And made known (usually) for a skill, or often lack of.

But why do we hold celebrities in such high esteem? They’re just people who other people know for a specific reason…

What I’m trying to stress is that with the media and celeb world getting wildly out of hand, we are slipping further and further away from our idols, the gap getting bigger as we sit at home and marvel at them. At the end of the day, their lifestyles might be different, but they still have to eat and drink and go to the toilet.

They are people who had a different career for themselves. Fate? Not sure. Taken opportunities? Definitely. They may be a big hotshot magazine editor- they worked hard for that position, and are not superhuman. He’s a huge movie producer in Hollywood? He will eat lunch, and probably dinner too- just like you.

They’ve maybe been brought up differently, had different life choices to make, and alternative life paths to follow. I believe that if you want something, you make it happen. Very rarely do the most amazing chances and opportunities come and pat you on the back as you sit at your desk. Sure, some things are just a big break, but the rest, you work for.

If you want to be a writer, you write day in and day out until you write something you’re happy with, regardless if it’s for anybody else’s eyes or not. If you want to be the next Beckham, you don’t sit there playing FIFA, do you? You go out, join a club, train and train and train. Until you’re good. Then train until you’re the best.

I’ve gone off tangent, but what I mean is that these celebrities, these ‘famous people’ are just like us. A lot of people, known for their talent, work bloody hard for it, and that’s inspirational. THAT’S something to idolise- their drive and passion.

But being starstruck because of somebody’s position or wealth or title- just think about it. Most of the people who would leave you starstruck will be everyday folk, just getting on with their thing, even if that’s earning £250,000 a week.

I want to be successful, and if that means famous, then fair enough. But I would love to be idolised for the hard work I put into my trade, not because of my bank balance, or how many magazines I’m in.


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