Words don’t cost a thing


Words ARE powerful

SO, I’ve recently realised how important words actually are.
OK, OK, I know I work at a newspaper, and write everyday for people to read, but I’ve never actually thought about how meaningful they are, or how much we take them for granted.

People say actions speak louder than words, which may well be true. But I think we sometimes downplay the effect words can have. Last week, I was given a compliment about my hair, and I loved it. Obviously, of course I did, everybody likes to hear nice things about themselves. But as soon as somebody makes a comment that doesn’t make you feel good… it’s horrible.

It’s just like when somebody tells you that you haven’t got that job, or that you’re wrong, or fat, or ugly, or  not good enough. You’re telling me those words don’t matter? I think you’re probably lying if you say no.
“You’ve got cancer”, “It’s bad news”, “We can’t help you”…. Actions might say a lot, but words say a bloody lot too.

You’ll know the ‘sticks and stones’ phrase, well, I think it’s crap. Yes, it’s good for positive thinking, or telling young kids when their classmates say nasty things, but the reality is words can hurt us. Sometimes as much as actions. In fact, sometimes even more than actions. Besides, a lot of actions use words anyway. If you’re using Facebook or a text message as a gesture towards someone, that action is using words anyway- get my point?

Words stick in your head, for you to mull over again and again, to analyse and think (too far) into. Especially if you’re a girl- we think WAY too much. They can’t always be forgotten, and can sometimes mean more to you than an action.

We don’t notice how much words matter, but I think it’s time we took a look. So I think we should all take a little more time to think before we speak. Words, like manners, don’t cost anything. They don’t take a lot of effort, but can have big effects. 

If you think it might upset somebody, don’t say it. If you like her coat, or think his hair looks good then tell them.
Because with very little effort, you might just make their day. 








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