Friends forever

AS I sort through my memory box (don’t deny it, you have one too!), I find lots of little notes and scraps of paper and silly things from my ‘bestest friends’ at the time of how we promise to invite each other to our weddings and shit like that.

Well, it’s no lie that as you grow up you learn who your real friends are. You can even live with someone, and still go on to realise that they aren’t who you thought they were. But shit happens, right? Get up and move on.

Isn’t it bizarro how much things change as you grow up… Your attitude, outlook on life, perception on the world…

I’ve changed, for the better, and learnt a hell of a lot. For example, who to and who NOT to trust, when something matters, and when to get over something. You can only be mad for so long, and I suppose life is too short to be mad at people.

Besides, to that certain someone, you’ve put a shit tonne of weight on so really, the joke’s on you… Serves you right for being a twat.


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