Vile viral video just a little too much


AS I’m flicking through YouTube, I come across a video that’s had a good few hundred thousand views. But not because it’s super interesting or anything. It’s pretty outrageous, disgusting behaviour caught on film, and uploaded for the fun of it.

You may have seen it online in the past few days, after it was published on Facebook earlier this month. The video sees three men, two American and one potentially Irish, tormenting and basically assaulting a young Korean woman in a nightclub.
Now I know these viral videos are often horrible and do get thousands and thousands of views, but this hit me a little.

It soon made the press in Korea, and later went global. Now, I won’t say anything sexist (although this WAS three MEN), and I can’t say if it was based on a racist act, but what I do know is that it’s just disgusting.
Comments on the video include “Drunk sluts don’t deserve respect”, which I think is just laughable. So what, she’s drunk. Does that warrant this sort of assault? No, no way.

The 78-second clip sees the men putting her finger up her nose (I did say it was disgusting), before then putting it in her mouth. Following this, they comment on her teeth as she weakly resists them, describing them as ‘rancid’.

I was totally shocked at this video. Not because of who/what/where it was, just because there must be something wrong with the men who did this. Just drunk? Well, debatable in my opinion. Were they still drunk when they uploaded it?
Either way, this is the perfect example of how some people in society are just such utter twats, and it’s sad to see that it’s this sort of shit that Westerners will be remembered for in foreign countries. Embarrassing to say the least.

If we saw a video of somebody in London doing this, recorded by some foreign men, we’d certainly have a lot to say. It’s so sad that we Westerners are seen doing this. Even sadder that their first port of call was to upload it to Facebook. Social media gone shit, I say.

This isn’t a feminist post. It’s not sexist or even racist. It’s a comment on the culture of Westerners abroad; which is frankly, abysmal, especially when it’s seen in a social media mess like this. Why does this even happen???


One thought on “Vile viral video just a little too much

  1. The capacity of human beings to do the most appalling things to each other is astonishing, this, unfortunately, is yet another example.

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