So my waist isn’t small enough to be a princess, Mummy?

EVERYONE loves a hero. Whether male or female. And who can say no to a classic Disney flick with their magical tales of beautiful princesses and handsome princes. Mhmm, yep…


Nelson Mandela


Amelia Carhart

Wait, what? Beautiful and handsome? Shouldn’t films educating and entertaining young children be demonstrating even a little hint of real life? I mean, not every prince and princess is either of those things, and not every person who is beautiful or handsome is a royal.

I’m writing my dissertation on the effect of media on young girls’ self esteem and body-image. It fascinates me. Why should we learn from such a young age what is ‘beautiful’ and the ideal? When it’s a huge social construct. One that, in actual fact, has changed veraciously through history. I mean, ‘size-0’ wasn’t always the desired shape. In fact, it used to mean you were either poor or ill; neither of which a slim model represents now.

So when I came across an article on Upworthy about a, in my opinion, revolutionary male artist drawing a representation of modern day female heroes, I couldn’t NOT share it.

Image by David Trumble

Image by David Trumble

Welcome Brit artist David Trumble, a great guy in my book. He has created a variety of portraits in ‘princess style’ of female hero figures throughout the ages, such as Princess Anne Frank, Princess Jane Goodall and Princess Marie Curie. Now, these memorable and time-withstanding great women were not ‘princesses’, but it’s them whose name remains through time, for their great acts and achievements.

Perhaps we should reconsider what we, and the media, are encouraging the young girls of our time to become. I mean, you might not have a 26″ waist, but if you’ve just made a scientific discovery or fought until death for what you believe in, you’re more of a princess than anyone. In my book anyway…

Have a look at Trumble’s work here and the story on Upworthy here.


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