Graduating this year? Congratulations, here’s a job!

GOOD news ahoy, fellow graduates! As I’m gazing through The I newspaper this morning, I see some tidings of good joy. Apparently us lucky graduates of 2014 have the best prospects of getting a job post-uni since 2007.


The article by Richard Garner reads figures show an 8.7% rise in the number of graduate vacancies. Brillo news! This is the biggest rise in vacancies in the whole of four years, and is being put down to the recent major increase in paid work experience and internships to university students- like me! Woohoo!

Having said this though, the salary levels seem to be staying still at around £29,000 for the class of 2014; the same figure for the past five years.

The largest increase is in the public sector, mainly as a result of the Teach First scheme, which is now the largest single recruiter of graduates in the country with 1,550 vacancies this year.
The scheme, originally launched in London and said to be responsible for a major rise in school performance, has now spread to other towns and cities throughout the country.

So maybe things are on the up. and the past four years of my higher education life haven’t been fruitless? Finger’s crossed!


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