Needed: feminism in the womb?

ABORTION. It’s become a bit of a dirty word in today’s society. In America, you hear of protestors on their picket lines outside clinics, telling women how they are murderers and evil and cruel.
Now, I don’t share this view at all. In fact, I believe we would have many more children suffering from child abuse, living in poverty and growing up with dysfunctional lives if abortion were not an option. But that’s not what this blog is about…

IMAGE: Sciene Photo Library via

IMAGE: Sciene Photo Library via

But The i Newspaper broke with a new investigation of today’s paper, entitled ‘The Missing Girls’. The investigation has looked in data and statistics which has revealed that gender-based abortions have been taking place in the UK within certain ethnic communities.

Gender-based abortions, yes. As in, mothers aborting unborn babies having found out they are female. This illegal act is showing that these have significantly changed the ratio between boys and girls born in this country.

The i has also revealed that this significant difference in girls and boys has in fact caused a change in the 50:50 balance in some immigrant communities, and estimates that between 1400 and 4700 baby girls have disappeared because of it.

As I sat here, reading the article incredulously, I wanted to make sure I was thinking straight. Yes, to me this is disgusting and unfair; an unborn child cannot dictate nor choose its own gender for survival. But then I thought about how in some communities, the birth of girls is undesirable for more than one reason. To carry on the family name, to avoid a hefty dowry. And in individual communities, the willing for a boy is generations old.

The investigation has shone light on major ‘statistical discrepancies in the sex ratio of children in some immigrant families, which can only be easily explained by women choosing to abort female foetuses in hope of becoming pregnant again with a boy.’
[The i Newspaper, 15/01/2014]

The same investigation into gender-based abortions was undertaken by the Government last year, however no evidence was found to suggest that women in the UK, yet who were born overseas, were choosing to abort females. Following this, i commissioned a series of tables from the Office for National Statistics to do their own, more thoroughly complete, research.



Up to 4700 baby girls have disappeared, based on information from the 2011 census. 4700. Because they cannot continue the family line? This brings into light a prior debate about whether or not mothers should be allowed to be told the baby’s gender at the current marker of 13 weeks.
The article says that some NHS hospitals have already started doing this, in the hope of making women wait to discover the sex of the baby, when abortions are much more difficult to come by.

I cannot comment on what other cultures in the UK deem acceptable or ‘ideal’ when regarding new family members. The gender of my children in the future will not matter a single ounce. But I do know that willing for a boy is not a crime one.

Killing an unborn child because they are NOT a boy, in my eyes, is not on. It’s not OK. And it needs to be addressed.

READ the full report here at The i Newspaper online.


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