Would you like to trial an eating disorder in store today?

I CAN’T ignore what I’ve recently seen in the media regarding Superdrug’s newest trial product- the Celebrity Weight Scales.The pretty pink scales may look attractive, but you can bet you won’t feel that way after stepping off them.

The scales replace metric weight numbers with the weights of 13 celebrities, including Cheryl Cole, Kate Middleton, Beyonce and Holly Willoughby. So, why not make yourself feel shit when you’re weight more than a majority of these stars?

The UK leading eating disorder charity Beat was up in arms, quite rightly, over this stupid and grossly inconsiderate product.
Chief Executive Susan Ringwood from Beat charity of the hugely controversial product to The Independent:

“We know that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses with complex causes- but dieting is the highest risk factor leading to them developing.
“These scales are beyond belief – they prey on the very worst of celebrity culture to fuel a harmful obsession.
“They do nothing to help people take a healthy attitude to food and everything to add to the toxic mix that today’s young people face.”

IMAGE: www.norwichadvertiser24.co.uk

Susan Ringwood, CE of Beat     IMAGE: http://www.norwichadvertiser24.co.uk

Superdrug claim to have their customer’s wellbeing as their priority, yet personally it seems inconceivable that it would ever be a good idea to get women and girls to compare their weight to that of celebrities.
For a start, should your weight really matter? And second of all, what happened to being individual and not comparing yourself to those who have the means to employ personal trainers and nutritionists?…

Less than a week ago, the health and beauty retailer were ever so excited about their new pilot product, with a spokesman telling The Daily Mail:

 ‘Our new scales are just one of the ways that the health team here are helping our customers to be more open about discussing their health needs with our in store healthcare professionals.
‘We’re pleased to be piloting these scales amongst our store teams and, if successful, would look at potentially rolling them out for customer use nationwide.’

Oh, that’s funny Superdrug, because you told The Independent

“We created a prototype set of celebrity scales to move the conversation away from weight being perceived as a number, as we want to recognise that everyone is different.
“However, we’ve listened carefully to all our customers’ comments and can assure them that the prototype celebrity scales will not be trialled in our stores.”
“The single set of prototype scales were not a commercial product and were never intended to go into production.”

And only four days ago did Superdrug post on their twitter of how they loved the ‘A-List scales’, asking followers which star they were. I mean really? The media coverage and knowledge of eating disorders, body dissatisfaction and associated mental health disorders is only growing, yet this product demonstrates a vast misunderstanding of what they may really do to consumers.

To make the situation so much more worse for the ‘super’ store, Cheryl Cole, one of the unlucky celebs on the scale, hit back with a rather strong tweet…

All I know is I’m pleased for the whole country of body-insecure girls that don’t have to come into contact with this shitty idea for scales. No, it doesn’t show that all women weigh differently. We already bloody know that. What they do is give you an often unobtainable goal and ideal that makes any other weight seem inadequate.

If you need any eating disorder help or advice, visit the Beat website here 🙂


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