Create your own person

Coz you can't be anyone else

Coz you can’t be anyone else

People. They’re everywhere. In fact, last year we topped the 7 billion mark, and the reality of our population issues really came bounding into full view.

But, with so many people, it makes me think about what makes a person. We’re all human beings, but I think a person is a bit more personal; they’re a somebody. Not just a being- a person is an individual.

I see people as blank canvases. We’re all born, living as children, who must learn the same things and grow into the same being- a grown up. Whatever language you have to learn- it’s still a language, something nearly everyone comes to familiarise with.

Growing into an adult is just life, and it happens to all children. It’s an inevitable path which we have no choice over. But I think it’s the things we do have choice over, which create that person; that YOU.

Talking: most people can do it, but what defines you is the way you talk- your accent, your choice of words, your language mannerisms.

Aesthetics. Your physical appearance dictates how people see you. If you have piercings, or tattoos, or how your hair is cut, or what clothes you choose to wear… All these things differentiate you from everyone else. Even if you’re wearing the same as other people, that’s telling other something about you too.

Our actions tell people what we’re like. Whether we’re kind, aggressive, excitable, dramatic… The way we act and behave, and the things we do all say things too. If you’re rude, you’re considered not a nice person…

Our backgrounds count for a lot of who we are and become. Different countries have different ideals, social norms and expectations, not to mention languages and upbringings. These may be totally different between cultures and civilisations.

So it makes me think… There’s so many people in the world, can we all be different? Or are there doubles of people living lives on separate corners of the globe, totally identical in nearly every way?

But then that begs the often asked question- is there one person out there for everybody? Can we find our true love more than once? It’s the same type of question, debating whether or not there’s that ‘one’.

I like to think that I’m unique… and if I’m not, then hopefully people I know won’t not cross paths with these said similar people. I enjoy feeling I’m one of my kind.

So this year I am taking a stand. I am not purposely trying to be different, but instead I resolute to embrace who I am, and forget trying to be a better person, or anybody else.

I am me. I can be loud, but I can be shy, and I have an incredibly stubborn side. I’m not jealous, but I like to get what I want, and I’m usually quite a good judge of character. I’m not being cliché in saying “Oh, well I’m not perfect” because it’s actually true: I am not perfect. But who is? I bet Beyonce isn’t even perfect (blasphemy!)

Some say be different. But I think that’s trying too hard. Be yourself, and if you like something different, then great. But I am good at being me. And I don’t think I could be anything else just as well. So embrace yourself, like I am, and see how good it makes you feel about you.


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